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What a friend we have in Jesus!

What a friend we have in Jesus is a well known song, best sung by a country and western singer, it was a favourite of a friend of ours, Billy. Billy was an alcoholic who one month he could be singing God's praises and the next month he could be back on the drink, it eventually killed him at the age of 52.

To many people seeing Jesus as their friend is too irreverent, almost blasphemous, after all He is God, He is our Lord, our Master, our Saviour, our Redeemer, but friend? Well the truth is Jesus Himself offers His friendship to all who follow Him. Billy may have had his battles and his demons to deal with but Jesus offered him His friendship too.

The above verse is in among verses that speak of love and joy, and a God who wants to live with us, Jesus wants to be your friend, He offers a friendship way above any friendship we have or will ever experience, and He promises us He will never leave us or forsake us, even when we appear to those around us to have forsaken Jesus, He is right there with us even when we walk through the shadow of death. He even died for us that we may one day be with Him in heaven.

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