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Try Praying

According to my little trypraying booklet, 27 million adults in the UK pray.

10 million pray regularly.

Half of those who pray believe God hears their prayers.

Of people who say they are not religious, 1 in 5 pray!

Some interesting statistics there, half of those who pray believe God hears their prayers, therfore half of those who pray don't believe God hears their prayer, so why are they praying? and who are the 1 in 5 praying to who are 'not religious' ? and what does 'not religious' mean.

Statistics, as we all know, can be biased to mean whatever we want them to mean, but just taking the above statistics at face value you would say that there is a desire for people to have help from someone or something bigger than themselves, at certain times in life we just would like to know that the biggest factor in the equation of life is not me, myself or I.

I'm a believer, I don't have any qualms about saying that, although I would have to say 'I'm not religious' I think if you read the Bible you will find that the religious get a bad press and Jesus is often seen challenging them and there 'rule by rule' lifestyle, following rules to appear 'good' is not what Christianity is about, following Jesus and 'doing good in love' is a more acurate description of the plan God has for our lives, and, as a follower of Jesus, I am always greatful for the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, to guide, teach and prompt me, as well as enable me, to live the life God, through Jesus has called me to. Now if all that sounds a bit too much perhaps we should get back to 'TRYPRAYING'

Try praying is a small booklet which challenges people to, well you've guessed it, try praying. Over seven days each day you are invited to see what happens when you pray. It is important to keep it up for the full seven days and then just reflect on what has happened or what you think is happening.

There is a trypraying app which is easy to use and I would highly recommend. (I've checked it out and the statistics I've quoted above are different on the app, never trust a statistic, they can change from year to year, probably from day to day), If you want a hard copy booklet you can check out the website, and order a free sample, or you can contact me and I'll gladly send you one or you can just start and try praying right now.

Prayer is an act of Faith, Faith that God exists, faith that He hears our prayers, and faith that He wants to answer our prayers. The Bible says that 'without faith it is impossible to please God' * So today, right now, take a step of faith and try praying.

*Hebrews 11 v 6 NIVUK 'and without faith it is impossible to please God'

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