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Time to try something new!

It's never too late to start something new! Recently I have started cooking. I have heard so many stories of men who make the dinner, my son-in-law Andrew is one, he likes to cook.

I have never been one for cooking although a long time ago I used to make home made Pizza, which started with mixing the dough and opening a bottle of Chianti while waiting on the dough to rise, and it was generally down hill from there, everything I did was an excuse to drink, even making the dinner. Praise God He has delivered me from that.

But now I have started cooking and one of my earliest dishes is pictured above and no wine was used in the preparation of this meal. Apart from the fact that I made it, the other unique thing about the above dish is that it is not something I would normally choose to eat. So a new healthier diet has become a welcome side effect to my new hobby. (Secret. I order the ingredients through Hello Fresh, a great app that let's you choose the meals then sends you all the ingredients and you prepare the meal. Simple but very effective.)

The biggest new thing I ever did in my life was to start following Jesus, it changed my whole life and 25+ years later my life remains changed and better in every aspect. I may or may not continue my new hobby of cooking but having tried it and liked it I probably will.

Jesus, Christianity, isn't just a new hobby, it is a new lifestyle that will change your life for ever, try Jesus now, and in years to come He is one new lifestyle you will not want to give up, once you've tried Jesus you will never look back.

Psalm 34:8

New King James Version

8 Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good;

Blessed is the one who trusts in Him!

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