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They came, they saw, they conquered!

Our two grandsons, Rufus 8 (9 next month) and Axel 6, have just been for two days and every minute was go, go, go. We were well prepared with a games day all organised to keep them busy having looked out all the table top games we have and a couple of games of monopoly and a drawing competition thrown in for good measure. Then while we caught our breath, Rufus organised a maze design workshop and Axel ran a spelling competition. We weren't managing to keep up with them as they built a den in their room, played golf around the house and finally wanted to play table tennis. We were so glad that Kerry and Andrew were coming down to pick them up at least we didn't have to drive them home.

We don't confess ourselves to be old but after two days of the above you certainly know their your children's children and not yours, exhausted and needing to recover, but we definitely have two shining crowns. Thank you Jesus!

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