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The sandcastle season is over (for now)

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

Above is one of the many sandcastles we built with Rufus and Axel over the summer and yes we built with them, Jean made the sandcastles from the buckets and placed them where she was instructed and I dug and dug, wherever was necessary under the instructions of the two master builders. We had a great time, a great season, enjoying every last minute, even if it got a bit cool on West Shore beach in August, a well! it is North Wales, it didn't deter the boys. (or us). They are back at school now and who knows if we will be back on the beach building sandcastles again this year and by next year they may have outgrown sandcastle building, but going by their enthusiasm for it I doubt it.

Psalm 127:3

Good News Translation

3 Children are a gift from the Lord;

they are a real blessing.

Sandcastle city, it stretched for over 50 sandcastles, each bucket filled by Jean and placed at the direction of Rufus or Axel all of them joined by walls making different sections, it was a busy morning. I don't remember my Nana filling buckets with sand! there again she was old.

Just to show we do get blue skys here in North Wales and yes we were on the beach again.

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