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The Lord is good!

Last night I just went out on our balcony and took the above picture.

Shortly after Jean and I became Christians I gave up my job with British Aerospace in Toulouse, France, we sold our detached villa with a swimming pool and headed back to Bible College in the UK. Since then we have lived by Faith, going where God calls us, working when and where we could until after 14 years I got a full time job in ministry in Liverpool with Jean as my full time helpmeat in a voluntary capacity (ie unpaid) that has been the case now for 10 years, one wage and trust in God and God has truly blessed us. We have moved on from Liverpool after eight years and have now been in Llandudno in North Wales for almost two years and currently live in a beautiful apartment overlooking the bay.

We don't have half the material things we would have had if I stayed with British Aerospace, but we lack no good thing. Our lives (and lifestyles) have been turned upside down but they were needing turned upside down and as one preacher puts it we are now in 'the upside down Kingdom that is actually the right way up.'

Psalm 34:10 New King James Version

10 those who seek the Lord shall not lack any good thing.

The full story of how we went from Tarbolton, a small village in Scotland, to Toxteth in inner city Liverpool via Toulouse in France and now by the seaside in North Wales is found in our book* available on Amazon (kindle edition) and ebay.

  • Route 66, From Tarbolton to Toxteth via Toulouse by Alan McKinnell.

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