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The Last Supper.

Tonight we will be at church sharing a supper and communion as we reflect on what is commonly known as the Last Supper. I don't know how you imagine it would have been, but I reckon it would have started off quite exciting and upbeat.

That week they had just followed Jesus into Jerusalem riding a wave of triumphant joy, then they had went into the Temple and Jesus really gave them what for there, overturning the money changers tables and challenging the stuffy self-righteous religious leaders, yes things were starting to stir.

But then a change happens, Jesus washes their feet, Jesus does the job of a household servant, and what is all this talk of death and darkness? and going to prepare a place for us? going where? and someone is going to betray Him? betray Him to who? and for what? and what is all this about eating His body and drinking His blood? yes there was a lot going on for the disciples to take in, a lot of questions going round in their minds.

Jesus went on to give some lengthy teaching, but by now how much off it were they taking in? Supper over they headed into the garden of Gethsemane where Jesus was arrested? Peter wanted a fight, but Jesus was for none of it, Jesus went with the guards willingly, come on boys this isn't looking good let's get out of here.

What would you have done? What would you have done not knowing the cross is coming?What would you have done not knowing that Sunday is coming?

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