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We haven't seen many snowdrops this year yet, just the one bunch in a church yard when we were on holiday in Snowdonia, but they're there. The above bunch we came across in January 2022 while on holiday in Angelsey. They may or may not have come up yet in Angelsey, but they will be there. Small bulbs waiting to burst forth at the right time in the right season, nothing will stop them. The stems of the flowers are so delicate yet they will push up through hard, frosty (even snowy) ground and will support the most delicate flowers, for a season, how does this happen? Because everything they need for success is within them.

God has a plan for us and the good news is, even if it looks like nothing is happening, we have everything within us to complete His plan, our part is to believe that we have it, be guided by His Holy Spirit, and to walk by Faith in His Son Jesus into the life He has for us.

If God put everything it needs inside a snowdrop, how much more will He put everything inside you that you need. Make 2024 the year you walk in the fullness of Christ and live a life that glorifies your Father in heaven.

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