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Route 42. Unemployed.

Being unemployed is no fun, anyone who thinks people living of benefits have it easy then they should try it, jobcentreplus would try the patience of a saint. The sheer frustration at being at the beck and call of people who, in our experience have no compassion. I am sure many of you will have seen the reports on people living the high life on benefits, but I can assure you they are few and far between, even those that manage it for a while live with the constant fear it could all stop tomorrow. We know one man who did six months in jail for benefit fraud, that ended his 'high life'.

By the grace of God we got through it and six months later I was in employment, but it wasn't easy straight away, having to wait to get paid while the housing benfit office want the rent money back and the council tax benefit back now that I was working, even though I was not earning yet, they don't make it easy.

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