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Route 41. This is L.A.

We moved to L.A. on the West Coast in 2011.

It wasn't Los Angeles and it wasn't the West Coast of America.

It was in fact the West Coast of Scotland, and as for L.A. that stands for Linden Avenue in the little seaside town of Girvan. Girvan itself has seen better days but we liked it, and as for Linden Avenue, well it's not a place many choose to live but a place where we spent two very blessed years and our journey would never have been the same without it.

We met and fellowshipped with many wonderful Christians from all denominations and ministered to a variety of needy but lovely people.

P.S. we saw many amazing sunsets over the Firth of Clyde and the AIlsa Craig, from our flat windows, but the above wasn't one of them, this is the view from our window in Llandudno.

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