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Route 20. Do you have a licence for that?

Route 20 of my Book* tells the story of me being approached by armed officers while giving out tracts under the St Louis Arc. The question I was asked was 'Do you have a licence for that? which at the time I didn't. The story is quite funny, if not a little scary, especially the second time I was approached when having obtained a licence I reached down towards a bag where I had the licence, American police can get a little jumpy when you make sudden movements after they challenge you, anyhow I survived.

Well now I have an Evangelist Licence although quite how much pull the Bishop of St Asaph has with the St Louis Police Department I don't know, even if it is bilingual in Welsh and English.

It certainly was a great honour to receive the Licence at St Asaph Cathedral yesterday and I look forward along with my wife Jean to proclaiming the Good News of Jesus in North Wales.

*Route 66, Tarbolton to Toxteth via Toulouse by Alan McKinnell, available on Amazon, ebay and

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