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Route 19. Driving Route 66 - the story.

Yes we have actually driven Route 66, as much of the old road as possible and, if my memory serves me right, quite a bit of I-40. 'Get your kicks on I-40 doesn't quite have the same ring to it .

We have had a lot of adventures since becoming Christians this was a big one. We covered 2,750 miles through green scenes to desert roads, from beachfront to lakesides, America is a vast land with so many varied landscapes, it was amazing, and God didn't let us down He did some amazing things on our trip, from healing miracles to financial miracles and we got to sow seeds in the form of some homemade Gospel tracts depicting the Route 66 of the Bible, the 66 books found in the Old (39 books) and the New (27 books) Testaments. God is good.

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