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Pride comes before a fall!

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

The Bible warns us about pride and that our hearts are deceitful. Looking back at my original posts a lot of them seemed very prideful, look at our house, look at our views, look at how we are blessed, although telling myself I was giving God the glory, was I really? was I saying I have got myself here. The truth is we have a simple life, we just happen to be in a nice place at the moment, not that Liverpool wasn't nice when we lived there, or Girvan, when we lived there, or Tarbolton or Lincolnshire or Horsham or wherever we have lived. The fact is that when we lived in Toulouse it was probably the nicest place we lived, yet it was the emptiest place we lived. Life is not about things or where we live, it is about people and relationships and the most important relationship is with God through Jesus.

The above verse tells us that with pride comes strife and to be well advised is wisdom. While I was in pride and doing posts I sometimes used images without being well advised. Apparently I have broke copyright, yes with pride comes strife. The image I have used today is one I made up myself from a website that allows such things. I have had to repent of my prideful attitude and humble myself before God, who freely forgives all those who truly repent. From now on I will seek to be humble and use God's wisdom to be 'well-advised' keeping me from strife and sin.

James 4:10 New International Version

10 Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up.

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