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Pray! the world needs it....

Pray to who? as Christians we are called to pray to God, and whether we are comfortable with it or not we are called to pray to the God of Israel.

Jesus was a Jew, with the exception of Luke, who wrote the book of Luke and the book of Acts, all the writers of the Bible were Jews, everything about Christianity comes from Judaism, we believe that Jesus was the Jewish Messiah, the Son of God, we also believe that Jesus will return to Jerusalem. We as Christians are called to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

and there is a blessing for doing so, but there is also a warning for those who go against Israel.

Today we are watching Israel at war nightly on our tv screens. We would all like to see the misery in Gaza stop, but the truth is, no one, not America, the UK, the EU or any of the Arab nations has come up with any other solution other than to let Hamas keep control, which must never happen. Hamas has used millions of pounds to build an underground military complex with the whole purpose of surviving an attack from Israel which they were committed to provoke by the most barbaric, inhumane and evil methods, like we saw on October 7th. They were always prepared to sacrifice their own women and children, 'martyrs', to their evil cause, believing to turn the world against Israel, in order to survive and commit the same acts, again and again. Meanwhile the world has poured billions of pounds in to supporting the very people who Hamas, if they really cared for them, would have used the funding to build a new nation, like their neighbours Israel have done. The only problem with that is their funding would have stopped, as Iran, their main backer, would not have provided aid for humanitarian purposes only for hate and specifically hate against the Jews.

This world needs all the prayer it can get, world war three has never been closer, the end times signs have never been clearer, but they probably said that in the 1930's and 40's, the only thing we can do is pray. But the good news is God hears our prayers.

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