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My Lighthouse!

Lighthouses are often seen as a beacon of light to warn us of danger, but they are also used for guidance. When navigating coastal waters the experienced seafarer can tell where he is by watching the light flashing from a lighthouse. Lighthouses don't just flash on and off. each lighthouse has it's own sequence of flashing and therefore can be identified and it's place plotted on a chart allowing the seafarer to correctly identify their whereabouts.

The above Scripture says the Word of God, the Bible, is a lamp, it also says it is a light and just like a lighthouse, the light of God not only warns us of dangers but also gives us direction, but just like the sailor needs to be learned in the signals or langusge of the lighthouses we need to be learned in The Word of God so we can be guided safely on the journey of life.

The Bible is a lamp and a light but like all lights you have to turn them on, how do you turn the Bible on, read it and meditate on it, every day.

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