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Lord of the dance!

Yesterday I put on my music playlist and just let it play through alphabetically starting at J playing all my songs starting with Jesus, as it continued playing through the playlist the Lord of the Dance came on. The version I have is sung by The Spinners, a Liverpool group from a number of years ago, I probably first heard it sung by The Dubliners in the 70's or 80's. It gives the gospel story in the first-person voice of Jesus, portraying his life and mission as a dancer and ultimately the Lord of the Dance. I had no idea, I probably had an inkling that the song refered to Jesus, but then again probably not. I certainly was unaware that the whole Gospel is there in the song from first verse until the last, when it promises us that Jesus is there for us if we choose Him, if we join the dance of life and dance along with Jesus as the Lord of our Dance.

They cut me down

And I leapt up high;

I am the life

That'll never, never die;

I'll live in you

If you'll live in me -

I am the Lord

Of the Dance, said he.

Kerry our daughter had this hymn at her wedding, it was probably the first time I had taken the time to read and digest the lyrics, I was amazed at how profound they are, a song that tells the Gospel in a joyful upbeat tune, with words that encourage us to be celebrating and lively, Dance then where ever you may be, it is how the Christian life is supposed to be lively, joyful and following Jesus, the Lord of the Dance.

I think you get my point, if not I'll say it again, Jesus is the Lord of the Dance. It is time to join in the dance!

John 10:10 English Standard Version

10 I (Jesus) came that they may have life and have it abundantly.

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