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Life is but a vapour!

No matter how long you live the older you get the more you realise how short life is.

Last night I got a message from my brother-in-law to say his young brother has been diagnosed with cancer with a few months to a year to live, his brother is at best 60, possibily only 59, with a wife and family.

It's been a long time since I met or spoke to his brother but I have reached out and offered to speak to him. My most vivid memory of him was a weekend long drinking session in which I sat up all night with him finishing of the drinks and listening to Thin Lizzy, the next day a group of us ended up in the pub and I somehow managed to come home with his Rangers top on. That will be more than 30 years ago, it's sad what used to pass for fun back when I was a heavy drinker.

Life has had a lot of twists and turns since then, I have a new life in Jesus and he is dying and the chances are I won't get to see him face to face but hopefully I will get to speak to him, God willing. So what do you say to someone who knows they are dying and who more than likely expected to get a lot longer than they have now been told. Well you tell them there is hope and that there is more to life than our few short years here on earth, there is an eternal hope of life with Jesus in heaven to those who believe. It won't make saying goodbye to your loved ones any easier but it does give you hope of seeing them again and not just for a short time but for eternity.

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