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Ignorance is no excuse, and it certainly isn't bliss.

Having been accused of breeching copyright my first reaction was 'I was unaware of what I was doing' but - ignorance is no excuse. I was also wary of being scammed? After a month of looking into it I started making move towards the reality that I was going to have to pay something. There was also the possibility that if I didn't pay up I may end up in court. Then one morning in my quiet time with God I feel He gave me the above verse, after repenting to God for my wrong doing I made up my mind then that I would settle the matter, having now done that I have peace to put the matter behind me and start blogging again, with my own images.

The ignorance that lead me to do the wrong thing was not bliss, in fact it threatened to make our Christmas less than bliss but with a forgiving wife we were able to deal with the matter in a mature manner (thanks be to God). The old ways of dealing with things, blowing up, accusing, justifying, sulking, they're gone and the giving and receiving of repentance, forgiveness, grace and mercy helped us move on and enjoy a great Christmas and look forward to 2023 and serving God.

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