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I am the righteousness of God!

Most people, especially church people get a little bit touchy when you say things like I am the righteousness of God . They are much happier to say they are sinners, but that is not who we are when we give our life to Jesus. Jesus died for our sins, not so we can keep sinning but so that we can be delivered from our sins, we have a new nature, and as long as we stay 'in Christ' we will live in that new nature, our righteousness is not our own but it is the righteousness of God which we have through being in Jesus. It is no longer our nature to sin and by the power of the Holy Spirit we can avoid sin, but should we fail, then we must be quick to confess our sins and to turn from them, knowing God is willing and able to forgive us, because the blood of Jesus has paid the price. We are not supposed to shrug sin off saying 'ah well we are all sinners,' no all sinners will have their place in the lake of fire, we have a place reserved for us in heaven through Jesus Christ.

So it is time to confess what the Bible says about us, that 'we are the righteousness of God, in Christ Jesus.' and start living like we believe it!

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