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Happy 6th Birthday!

Our grandson Axel is 6 years old today! waw! and to think that in a couple of months Rufus will be 9 years old. They are growing up so fast, not that 6 and 9 are grown-up, but you know what I mean.

I remember when Axel was born, the first time I picked him up I felt there was something wrong, I laid hands on his chest and prayed for him. A couple of hours later Kerry and Andrew told us that the doctor had said Axel had two holes in his heart, one a small one which they weren't concerned with, but the other one they said they would have to keep an eye on and when he was older he would, in all probability, need a 'procedure'. But God!

Now I knew why I was led to pray for him, laying hands on his chest and trusting Jesus the healer. The larger hole closed (as well as the smaller one) and he never needed any 'procedure.' God is good! Axel is now a very healthy and active 6 year old.

Full story is in Route 61 (chapter 61) of my book.*

*Route 66, from Tarbolton to Toxteth via Toulouse by Alan McKinnell, available on Amazon and ebay.

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