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So far we have talked about our tongues, hearts and minds. Today we look at our hands.

When the Bible talks about what we do with our hands it is refering to what we are busy about. The verse above tells us to cleanse our hands, meaning to stop doing the wrong things, and start doing the right things. How can we do that, it gets back to our hearts and our minds, we need to have pure hearts and be single minded in the pursuit of the things of God.

To work with our own hands and not sit back and wait on others to serve us. Jesus says he came to serve and He has called us to serve as well. It is when we serve each other we share Jesus and we show His love and hope to those who don't expect unconditional love, they expect to have to pay you back, 'that's one I owe you' is a well used phrase from my past but not how it works in God's kingdom. In God's Kingdom you don't have to pay back but you should pay forward, ie help snd serve someone else, not because you owe them, but because you owe Jesus to show others the love He has showed us.

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