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Freedom is a highway!

Freedom is a highway is a song I have on my 'cross country' playlist. It was the title more than anything else that caught my attention. This time last year we were travelling throughout North Wales, Yorkshire, Scotland, the Lake District, and freedom felt like the highway we were on. By May we had settled in North Wales, we no longer lived travelling on the highway, does that mean we no longer have freedom? Certainly not!

In Galatians, Paul says....

Galatians 5:1 New International Version

Freedom in Christ

5 It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.

Each and every day we can be really free but that freedom will involve choices. As Christians our freedom is found in Jesus, not in a highway, freedom isn't taking off and doing whatever you feel like without considering others, or indeed the consequences. Freedom is knowing what you are doing is pleasing to God, because when you are doing what God calls you to do, you will consider others, you will consider the consequences, and contrary to popular belief this does not bring bondage, but freedom, not letting ourselves be burdened.

So what have snowdrops got to do with the above? Well they are one of Jean's favourite flowers and last year as we travelled we came across an abundance of snowdrops at Cemaes Bay on Angelsey, today as we walked from LLandudno to Penrhyn Bay we came across the first snowdrops of this year, reminding us that whether travelling or staying in one place God's blessing, shown through His creation, is still around us if we take the time to notice it. These snowdrops appeared the day after out first snowfall in Llandudno (they say it doesn't snow in Llandudno) the ability of these delicate flowers to not just survive but thrive in such conditions is a lesson to us all. No matter what our circumstances we can thrive not just survive with the peace, love and joy that is found in the freedom of Jesus and the guidance provided by the Word of God found in our Bibles. The snowdrops will fade but the Word of God stands firm, forever.

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