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Different levels of creativity.....

There are different levels of creativity.....

There is mine, and that is Basic Creativity, need something to put a small posy of flowers in? no problem, jam jar, piece of tartan ribbon, there we go.

Then there is the creativity of someone* who comes up with the idea of getting some small flowers putting them in a small cardboard box that will fit through a letterbox, believing they will not only survive the mail system but will get there on time without dying first, selling them to people online, who will be amazed when this flat little bunch of near dead flowers become like the bunch above and last for weeks.

Then there is the ultimate creativity of the one who created the flowers in the first place, with such varities that this bunch represents only a miniscule fraction of the varieties on earth, yet even this small portion is so varied in size, detail, shape and form that each complements each other and brings joy to those that behold them.

The same creator God who created them, created us, over 7 billion on the planet at the moment, so I believe, and every one of us different, what an awesome God!

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