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Busy Saturdays!

Today is the start of busy Saturdays.

Today I am off to the Christian Motorcyclist Association meet in Mold, next week I am at the Christian Vision For Men meeting at Towyn, the following week I am at St Asaphs Cathedral for the AGM for the Diocese Licensed Lay Ministers, then it's the Aberconwy Mens Fellowship breakfast at Llandudno Junction, followed by the Annual Summer fete and dog show at Princes Park, Penrhyn Bay and finally, a breakfast at our church for CMA and other bikers with a ride out to Towyn.

The variety of people attending these events with me is going to be quite amazing but at the end of the day just being busy in itself is meaningless unless God is leading you, you are being open to the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and you are sharing the love of Jesus, with those you know and who know Jesus already and with people you don't know and who don't know Jesus, yet.

My road to connecting with the Christian Motorcylists Association was a starnge one, given that I don't have a motorbike. The only time I have owned a motorbike was when Jean bought me my Compulsory Bike Training (CBT) for my Christmas when I turned 50, it was completely unexpected and a wonderful gift, I bought a 125cc motorbike and had a great summer with it, thank you Jean. The full story of my biking experience is told in my book* in Route (or chapter) 34, a Biker for Jesus.

But back to how I got connected to the CMA. In January 2023 Simon came to see me about hiring the church hall for his mother's 80th Birthday that June. We got friendly and he started dropping in to church when Jean and I were there through the week. One week when I was attending a CVM mens breakfast Simon walked in, he had been invited along by his friend Phil, they were both in their bikers gear. Phil introduced Simon to the Christian Motorcyclists Association (CMA) and then Simon invited me along to one of the CMA meetings where I met Bob, Dawn and Steve and the rest of the team. We have since worked together with the CMA North Wales Branch and this Saturday I am off to their local meet with Simon and Phil, (I'm taking the car) as we plan our next event for sharing Jesus with those in the biking community and those who just like bikes (like me.)

*Route 66, from Tarbolton to Toxteth via Toulouse by Alan McKinnell, available on Amazon (including kindle edition) and ebay.

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