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Building something together!

Yesterday, as I said, we were at our daughter and son-in-laws looking after Rufus who was recovering from a stomach bug. We left at 07.00am to drive the 50 miles to their home, Rufus was excited a parcel had arrived, it was a shoe rack/cupboard, what was an eight year old excited about that for? it needed building, Rufus loves building.

I left almost immediately to drive back down to Llandudno, another 50 miles drive, I had work to do. Jean and I run a Bible Study in the church and have a keen group coming along, it was worth going back for, everyone turned up and we had a good discussion, a lot of it around Ananias and Sapphira (Acts chapter 5) and the importance of corporate prayer in the life of the church. Then it was back in the car and another 50 miles back to Chester, .

I phoned to let Jean know I was on my way, she told me that Rufus had unpacked the shoe rack and kept asking when Papa was coming back so we could build it together.

Rufus was excited to build it with Papa, and Papa was excited that Rufus was excited to be doing something with Papa, these are the special moments in life.

After that it was another 50 mile drive to Llandudno, it was now dark and rainy, ah well maybe not. We booked into our usual hotel, The Abbots Well Hotel in Christleton, it has a swimming pool, sauna and jacuzzi, we have no hot water again in the house so we needed a shower anyway, we had intended to shower at Kerry's but Jean spent all morning playing games with Rufus and I spent all afternoon building with him before picking Axel up from school, so showers didn't really come into it.

We booked into the hotel, just a compact room to keep the price down (and we get members rates and a complimetary drink), the girl on the desk said 'I've upgraded your room for you' thank you very much. We had a larger room than normal, with a Nespreso coffee machine, nice biscuits, fridge with complimentary soft drinks, remote control room heater, bath robe and slippers (handy for nipping to the pool), complimentary toiletries and just some nice touches.

When you step out to go the extra mile for people, both family and church family, you end up getting blessed back, that is the way we have found it works.

We are so blessed to be in Christleton.......

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