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Today our car went for an MOT, while waiting for the car I went for a walk an ended up walking up Madoc Street in Llandudno, it runs parallel with the main street and has an interesting collection of small shops including a Christian bookshop, a Christian cafe and a Christian charlty shop which is currently closed but is due to open again soon in time for the upcoming tourist season (The Ferris wheel has arrived and has been assembled so busy season is coming!). I had almost reached the charity shop when this man looked at me and said 'I'm an Agnostic', how's that for a conversation starter. I asked him 'so what does that mean to you?' he said I don't believe in any God. Well as you can imagine that started a conversation. I didn't hit him straight away with my beliefs I let him continue with his views, dropped in my belief in Jesus, saw the conversation drift to running, Scottish footballers (even though he was Welsh) his time in Aberdeen and then I brought it back to Jesus, after sharing how Jesus has changed my life, saved me, set me free from alcohol and saved my marriage. I challenged him to try praying and see how God could bring peace into his life, that there is a God and those that believe in God through Jesus His Son will have a better life here and will go to heaven when they die. I said I would be praying for him and looking out for him to see how he gets on with praying to a God he doesn't believe exists or, as an Agnostic, a God he believes is unreachable. He said he would, if he remembered. We are believing for God to show Himself to him and, if you consider yourself an agnostic, we put the same challenge to you, try praying, reach out to God and let God prove He is reachable.

James 4:8 New King James Version

8 Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.

PS The car passed it's MOT, again! We've had it since new and have now covered 93,000 miles, it has been a real blessing from the Lord.

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