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A Little Bit of What You Fancy Does You Good?

They say a little bit of what you fancy does you good, but does it?

Last night while waiting to go back to church where a group of us are watching the Chosen, an amazing portrayal of Jesus in the Gospels, (available on youtube and well worth a watch) we went to the chip shop and grabbed some fritters, or as they call them here in Wales (and also in England) 'potato scallops'. We only had five between us, but they were huge and covered in crispy deep fried batter, I had three of them.

When I went to bed last night I had pains in my stomach, the usual Gaviscon didn't work, after much prayer and suffering I ended up making myself sick, it was a fingers down the throat job, something I haven't done since my drinking days, it was disgusting but it relieved my stomach somewhat, it still took me ages to get to sleep and this morning I still am not feeling quite right.

The next time I'm think of having a little bit of what I fancy I am going to take my own advice and 'THINK TWICE!"

The Bible warns us in the above passage that what may seem harmless and even good if taken in excess can lead to us feeling sick, I need to remember that.

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