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How It Got Started

The Good Journey

Hi! we are Alan and Jean McKinnell, married now for 39 years. This has only happened by the Grace of God, what does that mean? read on.

This blog charts our story written fully in the book 'Route 66, From Tarbolton to Toxteth via Toulouse.'

The book has now been published and is available on amazon and ebay.

The blog initialy tells a shortened version of each chapter (66 of them) to give a flavour of how the so called 'good life' can mask the 'real life' that is going on. It then details our journey to a reality, and a life that now far out weighs the 'good life' we had on the outside.  

We then intend to blog about our continuing journey as we come into a new season in our lives.

Why not join us on this journey and start to evaluate your own journey and be challenged to turn it into and adventure of Faith.

You only pass this way once, if you've parked then it's time to get into gear and live the life that was always intended for you but which you may have lost along the way.

'For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you,plans to give you hope and a future.' Jeremiah 29 v 11.


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